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HiBy possesses its own IP over the whole audio reproduction chainand ability to design its own FPGA-based audio processing chips.

Portable Music Player

Cayin N8 reference TUBE DAP 

Cayin N6ii, unlimited possibilities

Never be the same

Best Can of 2019 NYC CanJam

Solid build quality

Detail, speed, accuracy sound quality

Best under $1000

2 seconds boot up, more neutral sound, excellent reference DAP

Get Free SendyAiva Planar Headphone

PAW Gold Touch

headphones specially designed for professional musician and high-end music enthusiast.

Universal IEMs

the world's first three way hybrid in-ear monitors sporting Electrostatics, Balanced Armature and Dynamic drivers

Universal IEM

Cayin N6ii Master Quality Digital Audio Player

User replaceable audio motherboard

Both singled-ended and balanced output

Comprehensive choices of digital interfaces

Direct transport audio

64G internal storage

Dual band 2.4G/5G WiFi


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